Wickert Dental Lab

Bite Splint

Our Eclipse® "Heat and Seat" guard is made from a clear resin with an added second soft layer using Eclipse Resilient Soft Resin to aid in delivery and retention.


The clear resin creates a hard outside and provides a firm occlusal surface.

Resilient Liner

Added comfort is provided Eclipse Resilient Soft Resin creates the soft inner liner.

Liner softens in warm water

Gaurd softens when warmed which provides comfort and easy delivery.

Eclipse® “Heat and Seat” Guard

The Eclipse® Heat & Seat™ guard seats like a combination hard/soft appliance and functions like a hard appliance with minimal coverage. These guards have less shrinkage than the conventional acrylics which provides your patients with a superior fitting nightguard.


Higher Flexural and Impact Strength • Monomer Free • BPA Free • Non-Bulky Retainer • Almost Invisible • Wear throughout the day