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We offer a full line of Partials and will respond with any new service requests.

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VisiClear Partial Dentures

VisiClear Partials

Designed to be Aesthetically Pleasing, Provide Maximum Strength and Flexibility.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • Patient’s #1 Choice for removable appliances providing them with confidence and satisfaction.
  • Natural Looking – Blends with patients natural teeth and gums
  • Comfortable Fit – Lightweight and Flexible
  • Durable – Strong and Stain Resistant
  • Easily cleaned with regular denture cleaner

Doctor Satisfaction:

  • Alternative to traditional metal framework
  • No more metal clasps to work with
  • Repairable and easy to reline in the lab or chair-side
  • Can be used in combination with traditional metal framework
  • Flexible partial with standard denture acrylic
  • VisiClear can be an important part of cosmetic dentistry
  • Doctors love how VisiClear clasps just disappear in the patient’s smile

VisiClear Partials are fabricated at Wickert Dental Lab in Battle Creek, MI.

VisiClear Examples

VisiClear framework with standard Acrylic Saddles
Metal framework with VisiClear Clasps
Acrylic Partial with Clear Clasps

Metal Framework Partial Dentures

Metal Framework Partials

Your patients will appreciate the attention to detail in our Premium Chromium-Cobalt Frameworks.

  • Continuous casting process to provide consistency
  • Increased adjustability without the fear of breakage
  • Purest form of chrome cobalt alloy with no nickel and no beryllium
  • Adjustability without the fear of breakage
  • Great for patients with metal-specific allergies
*Vitallium 2000 Nobilstar Ultra
Yield Strength 609 645
Tensile Strength 800 980
Hardness 400 350
Elongation 8.9% 13%

Valplast Partial Dentures

Duraflex Partials

When it comes to flexible partials, DuraFlex™ stands alone

With better esthetics and hygiene, it’s no wonder that DuraFlex flexible partials are the premier choice for doctors and patients alike!

  • Advanced thermoplastic is clinically unbreakable
  • Easy to adjust, even easier to polish
  • Won't absorb moisture: stain and odor resistant
  • Thin and translucent, DuraFlex partials virtually disappear in the mouth